Yes, it’s been forever

Apparently between job business and life, this blog totally got away from me and I didn’t remember it until I signed back into WordPress this morning to comment on someone else’s blog.

Maybe I should start it up again?

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Sorbetto musings

Don’t you hate when people start a blog and then abandon it for days after their first posts?

So awful.

Anyway, so I’ve told my boyfriend that after margaritas after work tonight I want to sew. I’ve printed and half taped together the Sorbetto pattern so I just need to finish taping it, pin it, cut it, and sew it.

Here’s my worries:
I have a pale blue fabric with white dots on it that I’m thinking of using. It’s pretty enough that I like it (though I’ll have to wear it with a tank below or figure out a lining since it’s a bit sheer. I keep accidentally buying sheer fabrics.
It’s also cheap enough (under $2 from that if it’s awful, I won’t be out a ton of money.

However, for a pale blue with white small dots fabric, should I do navy blue trim or white? It’s these things that bug me because I’m not sure what to do.

Maybe I’ll give it up and just do a plain fabric. I’ve got a pretty white cotton with pale small flowers on it that might work with white binding (I’ve got navy and white)…

Do all newbies worry endlessly over fabric choices, even with cheap fabric??

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Introducing Toby

I work for an animal shelter doing adoption outreach and love it, with every up and down of the job, I love it.  The sewing is kind of an escape from a job where everything matters so much.  However, even with that, I can’t totally get away from it.

See, the love of my life, Tobycat, came from a shelter originally and is why I first got involved with shelter animals.  Here he is in his indignant glory along with that first skirt and the printout of the Colette bloomer pattern (I plan to lengthen it a bit).

He’s a big part of why I don’t get as much sewing done.  When it comes to playing fetch with him or pinning pieces together, he usually wins.

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Sew Starting Slowly

Inspired by bloggers like Did You Make That? I’ve decided to start a sewing blog. Because the world really needs another one.

Or I just need a place to refer back to when I comment on sewing blogs as well as a place to be honest about my horrible procrastination and awful mistakes.  Such as sewing elastic on with a straight stitch instead of zigzagged.

So far I’ve made a skirt since I started sewing again.  Well, remade.  It was a long white skirt that was the wrong length and didn’t fit comfortably so I used the 20 minute skirt tutorial to add wide black elastic at the top and cut it to a better length and it really is lovely for in home lounging or wearing as a slip—as it’s a bit too sheer for actual outer wear.  Oh well.  Plus I sewed the black elastic on with a straight stitch in blue thread.  Because I’m just that awesome…

Oh well.  I will be a great sewist some day!  Until then, the process is important and edifying, right?

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