Sew Starting Slowly

Inspired by bloggers like Did You Make That? I’ve decided to start a sewing blog. Because the world really needs another one.

Or I just need a place to refer back to when I comment on sewing blogs as well as a place to be honest about my horrible procrastination and awful mistakes.  Such as sewing elastic on with a straight stitch instead of zigzagged.

So far I’ve made a skirt since I started sewing again.  Well, remade.  It was a long white skirt that was the wrong length and didn’t fit comfortably so I used the 20 minute skirt tutorial to add wide black elastic at the top and cut it to a better length and it really is lovely for in home lounging or wearing as a slip—as it’s a bit too sheer for actual outer wear.  Oh well.  Plus I sewed the black elastic on with a straight stitch in blue thread.  Because I’m just that awesome…

Oh well.  I will be a great sewist some day!  Until then, the process is important and edifying, right?

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One Response to Sew Starting Slowly

  1. Welcome to the lovely and supportive world of blogging!

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